Instagram shopping WORKS

“Adding an Instagram shop is the best way to drive sales from your feed…InstaShop provides a seamless experience by connecting your Instagram post directly to product purchasing pages.” (Source: PixelShop)

Before I begin, let me tell you why Instagram is THE key platform for ecommerce or advertising businesses:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 08.45.16
Source: BigCommerce

…and now that Instagram Shopping has come into play

Brands are reporting a 20% increase in Revenue and +1, 416% Traffic. So, it is pretty clear that Instagram is revolutionising the way in which we shop, but why does it work?

Source: Expose.Media


4 Reasons why Instagram Shopping WORKS:

#1 It creates a valuable exchange

Instagram means big bucks for businesses (increased revenue, higher conversion rates, more traffic etc.), but it also means a seamless shopping experience for users. In essence, Instagram creates a valuable exchange between businesses and their customers meaning that both benefit and will continue to use the platform. So long as Instagram remains relatable, engaging and focuses on the user experience; it is here to stay.

#2. It creates a great UX

In a general sense, more clicks = more opportunity for a user to get frustrated a leave the website. In other words, every click reduces the chance that someone will buy the product.

By optimising the UX, Instagram has been able to reduce the number of clicks meaning that customers no longer have to click the ‘link in bio’ to reach and search for a product. Customers are conveniently redirected in just one tap. Nifty eh?

Source: PixelShop

The “3-click rule” isn’t always necessary (as pointed by Steve Krug in his book “Don’t Make Me Think”) so long as users feel as though they are making progress with their clicks. Regardless, Instagram has been able to effectively increase the usability of the platforms by reducing the amount of clicks to reach the final product page. Success.

Source: Protypr

#3. It Streamlines the Customer Decision Making Process

By simply tagging product’s with the relevant links, businesses can effectively push users down the buyer decision process, to ultimately, reach the product purchasing pages. Instagram is allowing businesses to bring ‘in products’ to the eyes of their customers in an engaging and immersive way (problem/need recognition), and quickly convert consideration to purchase by involving a quick, seamless shopping experience. What is more, unlike websites, Instagram allows for less browsing and only features the best content, thus reducing the impact of the evaluation of alternatives phase in backtracking a customers decision.

Source: Tag Marketing 

So, if you’re an impulse buyer – watch out! Essentially, Instagram has reduced the workload involved which reduces the time the customer has to reconsider, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases. With just a few taps, it is now becoming easier than ever to purchase things online.



#4. It is communal, yet personal

Now this is the interesting part. Through targeted marketing, Instagram is able to feature content on your newsfeed that is relevant to you (…yep you’ve got it: further increasing the likelihood your purchase).

As mentioned in my last blog post , research has found that Gen Zers showcase their ‘aspirational selves’ on Instagram. As such, the platform is great at subconsciously suggesting that, just because the product features on your homepage, everyone else must be buying it. Therefore, users may buy into the popularity and trendiness surrounding the product to achieve such hedonic value i.e. social approval almost. Instead of browsing through a website wondering what items are most popular, Instagram does it all for you by specifically targeting and showing the most popular content. As materialistic as it sounds, people want stuff other people have. 

The point : Instagram is making shopping easier than ever – both for the customer and the business. Increased UX and reduced time to the product purchasing pages has allowed businesses to generate quick revenue and users to purchase products very conveniently (almost too conveniently). As fashion and shopping trends are subject to popularity crazes, this makes Instagram the perfect platform for selling as the product’s feature in the user’s homepage automatically suggests its trending – people might think other people are buying it so they should. 

2 thoughts on “Instagram shopping WORKS

  1. Sounds like there are many good reasons to use Instagram as an ecommerce site! I especially like the fact that it streamlines the decision making process, the less clicks the better. I love that I can really target my customers. Most Importantly I love that DATA DOESN’T LIE! People would be crazy to ignore stats like that. Fantastic Post!

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    1. YES. Although, as I said, in that book it does suggest that you don’t necessarily need less click (people fantasise that you need 3 clicks or less) – you just need to make sure the user feels like they are getting somewhere i.e. the clicks are appropriately progressing!

      Liked by 1 person

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